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Board of Governors

  • Sergei Basov, Executive Director, «Open Society Institute» (Soros Foundation), St. Petersburg Branch

  • Alexander Borovsky, head of the Contemporary Art Department, State Russian Museum

  • Ekaterina Degot, art historian, journalist, Moscow

  • Arkady Ippolitov, Researcher, Department of Western European Art, Hermitage

  • Elena Kolovskaya, chairperson of the Board, director of the Art and Culture Program, «Open Society Institute» (Soros Foundation), St. Petersburg Branch

  • Vassily Pankratov, Deputy Director, State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg

  • Ivan Chechot, Head of the Department of History and Theory of Art and Architecture, Russian Institute of Art History

International Board

Petersburg Foundation for Culture and the Arts, PRO ARTE Institute:

  • Tuula Arkio, director, KIASMA Museum of Contemporary Art, Finland

  • Norton Batkin, Director of the Masters Degree Program, Curatorial Center for Contemporary Art, Bard College, USA

  • Vladimir Gusev, director, State Russian Museum

  • Bernhard Serexhe, director, Education Department, ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Member of the European Council, Germany

  • Alexei Komech, director, State Institute of Art History, Ministry of Culture, Russian Federation

  • Jane Lombard, chairperson of the Board of Governors, CEC International Partners, USA

Experts and consultants

  • Boris Avramets, candidate in art studies, associate professor of the Riga Higher Pedagogical School,senior lecturer at the Latvian University and the Latvian Musical Academy.

  • Mikhail Brashinskii, candidate in art studies, Russian correspondent for Variety International Film Guide, reviewer for «Afisha» magazine, Moscow.

  • Pavel Gershenson, ballet and art critic, director's assistant for the Marinskii theatre ballet.

  • Nikolai Dimitriev, curator, art director of «Dom» cultural center, Moscow.

  • Naum Kleman, director the State Cinema Museum, Moscow.

  • Ludmila Kovnatskaya, doctor of art studies, head of studies at the Russian Art History Institute, professor at the St. Petersburg Conservatory.

  • Olga Manulkina, candidate in art studies, teacher at the St. Petersburg Conservatory, musical reviewer for «Kommersant» newspaper.

  • Pyotr Pospelov, Music expert, music critic, culture editor of Izvestia newspaper.

  • Mikhail Trofimenkov, candidate in art studies, senior head of studies at the Russian Art History Institute.

The calendar of the forthcoming PRO ARTE events is under construction

The PRO ARTE Institute

197046, St. Petersburg,
Peter and Paul Fortress, No.3.

+7 (812) 2330553,
+7 (812) 2330040

+7 (812) 2330040



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